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Photo of a-bronze-khmer-fibula-12-th-cent-galerie-golconda-specialist-archeology


Asia Central - South and East


Object :
Nº 1012
Medium :
Dimensions :
Diam: 8.5 cm (3.3")

Bronze with beautiful green patina and cuprite crust deposits. Ancient rounded fibula with a domed central body, probably used for closing a garment. Excellent state of preservation.

The lost wax casting technique used by the Khmers forced them to employ a knowledge closer to that of modelling than to sculpture. Their bronzes have technical affinities in fact, with both stucco and terracotta. It is believed that this technique was brought to the Khmer by the Mon people from the north east of Thailand. The first bronzes of Asia seem to have originated from the Indus Valley and date as far back as 2400 BC.

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