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Photo of amulet-egypt-god-bes-galerie-golocnda-3rd-intermediaite-period-galerie-golconda


Ancient Egypt
Third intermediate / Late period (1077 ­- 332 BC)


Object :
Nº 999
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 4 cm (1.5”) - Width: 1.8 cm (0.7”) - Depth: 3.8 cm (1.4”)

Amulet of the body of Bes, with the head of a ram and back of a falcon, in glazed gesso with a pale green surface. Various scratches mainly on the base and the top of the skull. Ancient re-attachment of the head.

Bes is a genius pygmy god, grotesque or terrifying, with hands resting on the knees. He can be represented in a hybrid form holding several deities. The pantheistic Bes combines the attributes and powers of various gods, becoming the universal protector. This amulet is a syncretism of the gods Bes, Amon and Horus. Bes is the watchman of human beings in their everyday lives and in their sleep, he is the apotropaic god of the home, the one who rejects demons and appeases angry divinities. The head of the ram with wound horns represents the embodiment of Amon, the creator and regenerator concentrating all powers. The falcon wings symbolize Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, the divinity of the cycle of regeneration and the victory of the positive forces of the universe over harmful influences

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