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Galerie Golconda .
Ancient Greece And Rome
Ancient Greece

Ex collection of Dolly Bright Silliman (1914-2013), L.A. California


Object :
Nº 1769
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 19.5 cm (7.4")

Description :

Orangey terracotta with black painting of a foot soldier struggling with a spear and shield, another soldier is depicted on horseback and a third soldier also on foot holding a spear. The neck of this lekythos is delicately painted with an arabesque palm leaf. Lekythoi were Greek vessels that held olive oil. The narrow body and easy to take handle made it convenient for retaining and pouring oil for culinary or medicinal purposes. Very fine condition

This piece is from the Estate of Dolly Bright Silliman (1914-2013), L.A. California, acquired prior to 1980. Mrs. Dolly Bright Silliman appeared in movies and married a businessman in the 40s. Together, the couple amassed a world-class collection of art. After his death, she married in 1985 the actor-manager Paul Silliman.