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Ancient Greece

Ex collection of Dolly Bright Silliman (1914-2013), L.A. California


Object :
Nº 1769
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 19.5 cm (7.4")

Orangey terracotta with black painting of a foot soldier struggling with a spear and shield, another soldier is depicted on horseback and a third soldier also on foot holding a spear. The neck of this lekythos is delicately painted with an arabesque palm leaf. Very good state of preservation.

This piece is from the Estate of Dolly Bright Silliman (1914-2013), L.A. California, acquired prior to 1980. Mrs. Dolly Bright Silliman appeared in movies and married a businessman in the 40s. Together, the couple amassed a world-class collection of art. After his death, she married in 1985 the actor-manager Paul Silliman.