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Jewelry and Parures
Exclusive Collection: Bijarcheo


Object :
Nº *256
Medium :
Stone Gold Bronze
Dimensions :
Weight of silver: 52 g - Weight of gold 18 carats: 39.40 g
Provenance :
A similar bracelet, with two heads of bronze ibex, is presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, No. 55.65.2 leg of Walter Hauser in 1955.

The Bijarchéo Collection is an exclusive trademark of jewellery from Galerie Golconda. Each unique model is crafted using authentic archaeological pieces. Only the most valuable metals such as gold and silver are used so that each piece can be worked in accordance with the traditional methods and manners of ancient jewellery.    

The original bracelet dates from the 8th century BC and comes from a region situated southwest of Ispahan, the Lorestan. The people of this region distinguished themselves above all in the creation of beautiful ritual daggers and finely-wrought horse bridle bits. The technique used was that of the lost wax method.