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Archaic and Imperial Chinat
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 -1644)


Object :
Nº 161
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 32 cm (12.5")

Rectangular brick moulded in a greyish beige clay, decorated in relief with two elephants and a character presumably in the act of guiding. Wash drawing made of a white slip. These type of bricks were decorative elements displayed on the walls of aristocratic houses and temples. Similar ones were in fact used in the construction of the thirteen Ming tombs of the emperors of Beijing. In rural China one can still find beautiful old homes with their façades decorated in relief bricks. Good state of preservation. Possible small ancient restorations.

Chinese archaeologists discovered the fossilized remains of elephants dating 50 to 100 000 years ago in Pubei county of Guangxi in southern China. Asian elephants are smaller than African ones, their size ranging between 5.5 and 6.4 meters. At the time of the Ming dynasty, the statuary representation of the elephant represented the vastness of the empire controlled by the court. As well as the camel, it was an animal used for transport in the desert areas and the tropics.

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