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Photo of cupel-with-two-handles


Ancient Greece And Rome
Magna Graecia ­(780 - 211 BC)


Object :
Nº 533
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 6 cm (2.3") - Width: 18 cm (7")

Black bowl with two mildly arched handles, made in a slow turn method with a very thin structure. The decorative elements were applied after the second firing and represent a frieze of the classic vine leaf pattern located on the inside of the bowl. The wood od the vine has been engraved with a sharp object. Traces of limestone are present on the unglazed inside of the pedestal. Very good state of preservation. Presence of two small imperfections, one on the pedestal and the other inside at the bottom of the bowl.

Typical object of southern Italy, notably Apulia. This bowl was used to drink wine.

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