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Photo of dong-son-bronze-dagger-vietnam-viithist-c-bce


Asia Central - South and East


Object :
Nº 1457
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 22.7 cm (8.9") - Width: 5 cm (1.9")

Dagger made of bronze with a flat blade in the form of a bamboo leaf with a central rib; the guard separating the blade from the handle curves like two buffalo horns towards the bottom. T-shaped dagger of the simple type that appeared in the 4th century BC and which could be found until the first centuries AD. The object is in very good condition. Traces of green patina.

The Dông Son culture, named after a village in the north of Vietnam where ruins were discovered in 1924, is a fusion of several local cultures including those of the River Ma and Ca basins. It emerged at the start of the 1st millennium BC and marked the height of the bronze civilization, known for its famous remarkably worked ritual drums. This culture also practiced slash-and-burn, irrigated rice farming, ceramics, metalwork and basketry. The Dong Son developed trade with other peoples of Southeast Asia, their artistic influence stretching over present-day Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. The Dong Son society laid funerary offerings by the dead, including arms - daggers, swords, lances, arrowheads and axes - but also precious bronze vases, bracelets and drums. This very hierarchical society reserved the most precious offerings for aristocracy.

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