Ancient Egypt


Object :
Nº 1137
Medium :
Dimensions :
Cup: Height: 5 cm (1.9") - Diam: 4.5 cm (1.7") - Alabastron: Height: 8 cm (3.1") - Diam: 4 cm (1.5") - Vase: Height: 10 cm (3.9") - Diam: 6 cm (2.3")

Description :

Set of three lovely funerary vases in alabaster, of a light beige colour with white bands. The alabaster, (sometimes called satin spar) is made of agate. Egyptian alabaster (ches) was in high demand, as it was considered the representation of purity (Ouab). Excellent state of preservation.

In order to guarantee the purity of the deceased, mummies were surrounded with small vases filled with ointments and perfumes. Healing and protective oils were also put on the skin to protect from disease. These small vases would be filled with cream, oil and fats scented with nutmeg, pistachio or fenugreek and would be warmed up. There was also benzene and creosote. The cylindrical vases and unguentairies were named alâbas « small abas pots », and it was the Greeks that named amabastroc the small perfume vases usually in alabaster.