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Photo of egypt-late-period-ptah-patek-amulet-frit-beetle-pataikos-egypte-basse-epoque-amulette-ptah-pateque-fritte


Ancient Egypt
Third intermediate / Late period (1077 ­- 332 BC)


Object :
Nº 321
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 6.5 cm (2.5”)

Composite amulet moulded in enamelled frit of a dark grey-green colour. A typical representation of a large trunk shaped beetle shell and arms along the body. Good state of preservation. Normal wear with small piece missing on the left foot. This object is perfectly legible overall.

Funerary object of veneration, the first mention of which was Pataïkos as described by Herodotus (Historiae 3.37) to designate a dwarf god Ptah that is equivalent to Hephaestus. It is supposed it could be a god of Phoenician origin. Ptah was the patron god of artisans and architects.

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