Collecting Masterpieces
Photo of extraordinary-set-of-archaeological-souvenirs


European Masterpieces

From the Grand Tour of the great Hauteville family


Object :
Nº 1764
Medium :

A collection of archeological memorabilia from the Grand Tour, brought back from numerous Italian sites by the Grand Hauteville aristocratic family. The vast majority are annotated by pen on vintage labels. The collection includes: a mosaic fragment from the Baths of Caracalla, fragments of mosaic from the Church of St. Mark in Venice, a terracotta rosette from the palace of Tiberius in Capri, fragments of frescoes from Herculaneum and Pompeii, various pieces of reshaped marble, figurines and small vases from Paestum, a fragment of ceiling from the room of Emperor Rodolphe taken from the Habsburg Castle.