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Photo of funerary-dolls-chancay-peru


Pre-Colombian America
Ecuador / Peru - Incas (AD 1200 - 1532)


Object :
Nº 243
Medium :
Ivory, Bone, Coral, Fabric
Dimensions :
Height: 11 cm (4.3") - Length: 19 cm (7.4")

Dolls in fabric seated in a boat. On one side there is a woman and on the other a woman and child. Several types of wool were used for the details such as the embroidered hair and facial features. Various types of fabric were sewn together to assemble these pieces. Excellent state of preservation.

Dolls made of fabric have been found in large quantities arranged around mummies. They may depict episodes of the life of the deceased person or of their loved ones. There is no doubt however that they served the mystical purpose of accompanying the deceased to the next world. The boat is in many civilizations the only means of transport to get from one place to another: from the Greek who had the great Charon ship crossing of the Styx to the Egyptian ship of Ré which navigated the Nile, linking the kingdom of the dead to the West with that of the living in the East.

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