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Greco Buddhist Art
Gandhâra : Afganistan/ Pakistan (305 BC - AD 450)


Object :
Nº 314
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 9.5 cm (3.5”) – Width: 7 cm (2.7”) - Depth: 7 cm (2.7”)

A Buddha’s head carved in dark grey shale carved in the round. This face of Buddha shows occidental characteristics. It presents a wavy hair in an Ushnisha on the top of the skull. The eyelid are half-closed and lowered as a sign of inner contemplation, the nose is aquiline, and the slightly smiling lips are a sign of serenity. The back of the sculpture is flat. The head was probably fixed on a three quarters relief, as evidenced by the details of one ear and part of his hair. Excellent condition.

The Art of Gandhâra, born on Indian soil and in the service of Buddhism, appropriates elements from the Hellenistic iconographic repertoire introduced by the Bactrian Greeks arrived to the borders of Afghanistan following the conquests of Alexander the Great. It is during this period that the first human images of Buddha appeared, according to Greek beliefs and reflecting theological developments revealing a new need for devotional images as spiritual support.

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