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Object :
Nº 991
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 20 cm (7.8") - Width: 15 cm (5.9")- Mounted on a custom made stand not included in the measurments.

Description :

Head made of sandstone typical to the Bayon in Cambodia, which used the stones coming from the Kulen Mountains. Sculpture in the round of Shiva's head showing an artificial face, of schematic formation framed by an elaborate and prominent hairdo. The face with a very smooth and benevolent expression is highlighted around the lips and the eyes by a fine incision typical of the period. The arch of the eyebrows is unbroken and sharp, giving the whole face an extreme and geometric hieratic allure. Perfect state of preservation, some normal signs of erosion well distributed over the whole of the statue. An old, repaired fissure in the longitudinal part of the back of the head,.

The presence of the just slightly traced frontal third eye, symbol of wisdom, allows us to recognize one of Shiva's attributes. Beneficent in Hinduism, he is, along with Vishnu, one of the great primary gods of the Trimurti, and the most powerful. Contradictory, he represents destruction and dissolution in order to give birth to a new world from which ignorance is banned.