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Photo of ming-dynasty-monkey-stone-sculpture-galerie-golconda


Archaic and Imperial Chinat
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 -1644)


Object :
Nº 800
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 52.5 cm (20.4")

Monkey seated on what seems to evoke a throne in black stone sculpted in the round. The animal is hunched and its face is very detailed. A perfect state of preservation.

The legend of the Monkey King Sun Wukong, is an ancient Chinese myth that dates back to before the time of Jesus-Christ. It chronicles the expedition of a Chinese monk, Xuan Zang, to India. This monk was on a quest to find sacred books that would allow the establishment of Buddhism in China. The Monkey King is given the mission to escort him in this rite of passage. This mythical animal was born from a stone egg and a drop of blood. It possesses both the weakness of man and the power of the gods. This famous legend conveys the educational journey of the monkey in a series of steps towards wisdom and immortality. This is the story of an inner transformation. Boastful, cunning, mischievous, the Monkey King is the ‘philosopher clown’ who later inspired, in the Western world, the Commedia dell Arte and the harlequin character.