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Photo of ming-roof-tile-depicting-an-immortal


Archaic and Imperial Chinat
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 -1644)

Ex Metropolitan Museum – New York


Object :
Nº 1867
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 60.3 cm (23.7”)

Large terracotta figure set on a moulded roof tile with green, yellow and ivory sancai glaze. The figure is in a standing position, of a good size and wears a long aristocratic gown.

The word sancai, meaning "three colours" in Chinese, is obtained by using different oxides mixed with varnishes baked at a low temperature. Iron produces yellow, copper gives green or sometimes-dark brown, and cobalt produces the colour blue. It seems that this search for colour dates back to the Han period, when they sought to imitate bronze objects, deemed more precious because their cost of production was high. No visible restorations, original cracks. Some imperfections due to age.