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Photo of nayarit-figurine-mexico-galerie-golconda


Pre-Colombian America


Object :
Nº 1430/A
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 10.5 cm (3.9")

Female figure modelled in bright red clay. Typical of the “Tala-Tonalá style” the head is covered with a top hat, ears are decorated with earrings and the nose is pointed in shape. The details of both the garment and ceremonial ornaments are painted white. Excellent state of preservation.

Three « shaft tomb » cultures developed on the northwest coast of Mexico in the late Pre-classic period around 300 B.C. Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima are known for their underground tombs reserved for high-ranking figures and composed of one or more burial chambers. These chambers were accessed by vertical wells up to 20 meters deep. Numerous terracotta figurines such as this have been found. It seems they were used during funerary rituals probably with the intent to reproduce the forms of everyday life.

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