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Pre-Colombian America
Ecuador / Peru - Incas (AD 1200 - 1532)

Old collection belonging to J.W.N. V. Achterbeg


Object :
Nº 187
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 8 cm (3.1″) - Diameter: 23 cm (9.0″)
Bibliography :
Published in the book « Collecting Masterpieces » Part one, by Beryl Cavallini, pages 36 and 37.

Dish made of a delicate and orangey terracotta. A dark red slip covers the exterior while brown colours the inside of the collar. The polychromatic details were fired, producing a satiny finish. The centre depicts a fish, probably a shark, painted in orange and a dark reddish brown colour. The features of this sea creature are outlined in black, typical of Nazca design, and the ivory background corresponds to the Nazca B period. Excellent condition.

Southern Peru, Nazca culture. This culture developed irrigation, evolving this technique at the same time as the Mochica people of northern Peru. The remains found were mainly bowls, cups and double neck jars.

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