Jewelry and Parures
Ancient ethnic jewelry and parures


Object :
Nº 1636
Medium :
Terracotta Stone
Dimensions :
Length: 62 cm (24.4”)

Description :

Turquoise necklace in the form of irregular and polished pebbles, completed with an Inca terracotta whistle. Fine condition

The tradition of the Peruvian whistle, most notably vase whistles, is pre-Inca. It traces back to the Chimu and Mochica culture. The Incas used several hundred different forms of whistles, but all were based on the same sound emission system. The Indians of North America used and traded turquoise. It was mined in the American Southwest, mainly in Arizona. According to tribal members, turquoise is a piece of heaven that has fallen to earth, it helps warriors and hunters, and protects from demons, being as its use reserved only to the gods.

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