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Photo of necklace-of-small-turquoise-beads


Jewelry and Parures
Ancient ethnic jewelry and parures


Object :
Nº 1637
Medium :
Stone Gold
Dimensions :
Length: 44 cm (17.3”)

Multi-strand necklace with fine turquoise and gold beads. The area is well known for the nice coloured turquoise.

Bactria, a region that once straddled modern day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, is rich in countless mineral and agricultural resources, which allowed for its population growth since the Neolithic period. It was in Bactres-Zariaspa that the Prophet Zarathustra would have found refuge and during the Iron Age that he spread his doctrine that gathered around the holy book Avesta. His book was only translated in the 18th century by Frenchman Abraham Anquetil-Dupeyron and made the discovery of this very ancient monotheistic religion that was unknown to the Europeans.

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