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Jewelry and Parures
Exclusive Collection: Bijarcheo


Object :
Nº *140
Medium :
Gold Silver
Dimensions :
Diam: 21 mm - Weight: 7.4 g

The Bijarchéo Collection is an exclusive trademark of jewellery from Galerie Golconda. Each unique model is crafted using authentic archaeological pieces. Only the most valuable metals such as gold and silver are used so that each piece can be worked in accordance with the traditional methods and manners of ancient jewellery.


Athena is the goddess of wisdom, science and the arts. She is the daughter of Zeus. Zeus, having been warned by Ouranos that Metis would give him a son who would one day take his throne, decided to solve this problem by swallowing him. Some time later Zeus was seized with violent headaches which he could not rid himself of. He asked a blacksmith to open his head with an ax to remove the evil. The blacksmith obeyed and thus was born Athena who came out of the womb of her mother Metis, already dressed in armor and uttering a cry of war.


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