Ancient Egypt
Third intermediate / Late period (1077 ­- 332 BC)


Object :
Nº 103
Medium :
Wood Stucco/plaster
Dimensions :
Height: 43 cm (16.9")

Description :

Upper section of an anthromorphic sarcophagus in stuccoed wood and painted in yellow, the color of gold, the sun at its zenith, immortality and the flesh of the gods; in black, the color of the fertile alluvium of the Nile and so of fertility and rebirth; in white, the symbol of purity and joy; in blue and in red. The face is masculine with a black and white striped nemes headdress. The face is sculpted with large eyebrows painted in blue and big eyes also highlighted in blue. Rectilinear nose, not very prominent cheekbones. At the base of the neck there remains a part of a ousekh necklace. Fragmented state and some traces of xylophagous insects.

In Greek sarkophagus means “flesh-eating stone”.