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Photo of shaman-mexico-jaina-island-maya-galerie-golconda-saint-paul-de-vence


Pre-Colombian America


Object :
Nº 1134
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 10.6 cm (4.1”) – Width: 7.8 cm (3”)

Statuette modelled in beige terracotta of a seated figure of a shaman with slightly crossed extended legs. Short arms, stylized and without hands, frontal facing. Elongated skull in keeping with the tradition of voluntary deformation of the skull performed by the aristocracy from birth. Quadrangular headdress adorned with relief patterns, prominent and oblique eyes, large hooked nose and disc ears engraved with dots. Good state of preservation. Ancient black traces of fire.  

Jaina, from hail na, which means “house of water”. Numerous pre-Hispanic tombs have been found on the island of Jaina, located on the Yucatan coast. In keeping with Mayan tradition, they were filled with ritualistic pottery, utensils and small terracotta statues. These were very accurate and perfectly depicted the Mayan society of the time. Characters were depicted of a low stature, typically under the influence of the pottery originating from Veracruz. These figurines were usually placed on the stomach and in the hands of the deceased, and there is no correlation of sex between the two. It seems that these statues were mostly produced in Jonuta.

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