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Photo of talismanic-monkey-pendant-pre-colombian-america


Pre-Colombian America
Central America

Ex collection of Thierry Huet


Object :
Nº 1847
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 10.5 cm (4.1”) - Width: 2.5 cm (0.9”)

Talismanic pendant presenting a monkey sitting in profile, the head surmounted by a lacy crown. It carries two transverse conical suspension holes made with a primitive bit. . The Indians worked pre-Columbian jade, which is much harder than Chinese jade with string saws and sand. An exceptional state of preservation. Jadeite green with polished bright and aquatic brilliance.

It was customary for shamans to care for the spiritual needs and sufferings of the body. These healers wore jade for its mythic-religious and protective functions; most forms taking on zoomorphic or highly stylized bestiary forms, sometimes partly imaginary. Skilfully worked jade had more value than gold and was reserved for shamans, priests and the highest aristocracy, who would carry it throughout their lifetimes and place it in their tombs. The people also wore jade in more rustic pebble forms and in some cases jade would represent the belonging to a specific clan. The prestige of jade was also due to the scarcity of its deposits. The most important stock was found in Guatemala, in the valley of the Motagua River.

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