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Photo of votive-vase-with-head-of-a-woman


Ancient Greece And Rome
Magna Graecia ­(780 - 211 BC)

Ex collection of Marcel Dumoulin (1939)


Object :
Nº 1815
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 53.2 cm (20.9") - Width: 18 cm (7")

Large clay vase in light terracotta depicting a woman's head surmounted by a female statue in the pure Tanagra style. The large face is placed on a high cylindrical foot that acts as a pedestal. The face is surmounted by the typical hairstyle of young girls, showing a diadem embellished with leaves and flowers. The back of the head is painted with a net that must be part of the hairstyle. The upper statuette wears a traditional chiton and rests on the large handle. The whole vase is covered with a white glaze, embellished with pink and blue.

The term Tanagra was invented in 1870 to designate the statues discovered in the Mycenaean necropolis of Tanagra, an ancient Greek city located in Boeotia. Today it is asserted that these statues actually originate from Athens circa 340-330 BC.