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Here you have access to some of the 1500 objects exhibited in our gallery, located in Saint-Paul de Vence. My hope is that you will discover both the spirit and soul of Galerie Golconda, whose high-quality selection never fails to be both eclectic and personal.

Begin viewing the collection organised by landmarks of major geographical and cultural areas. Inside each category, you may choose historic periods of predilection. Each piece is the subject of a detailed technical sheet, accompanied by HD photos with the option to zoom in. Remember to consult the institutional links or click on “read more” to read the attached documents. This information is provided to better inform you about the objects, the techniques used during their time and the habits of life during a specific period. We sometimes also advise a reading or refer you to a similar object in a museum.

We vouch for the provenance and authenticity of the pieces, each of which has its own certificate of expertise that you can read here before concluding your purchase. We frequently test our pieces (especially using thermoluminescence or carbon 14 methods), and make it our business to procure cultural passports for export all over the world.

Beryl Cavallini
Specialist in ancient Civilisations
Gemologist – Art Adviser

All of our pieces are listed in an official police book and we are in compliance with regulations and customs. This allows our collections to travel without hassle and accrue ever more value. We only purchase pieces for which we can assure an ancient or prestigious provenance and never go on trips of acquisition to the countries of origin.

Archeology embellishes our memories and gives a certain chic to our homes that is both cultivated and refined. It adds extra soul that only the beauty and history of men can convey.

My team and I are at your service, ready to answer any of your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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