Galerie Golconda was born from a passion for the history of ancient cultures and their rare objects. I began to take an interest in the art of the most eclectic civilizations a long time ago. Through purchasing, I learned from the best experts in the field about the historic details of universal art. I have always selected only the objects that I find beautiful and interesting in their iconography, technique, materials or colors. One must surround oneself only with what we love most, only the pieces of art for which we wish to be guardians for eternity.

This gallery is therefore dedicated to archaeological objects of the rarest and most precious kind. I personally buy each piece with great care. Contrary to the usual practices of the profession, the gallery does not work on consignment: we want to be able to study the pieces as we wish, and have the luxury of exhibiting only objects for which we are perfectly convinced.

This gallery is thus the expression of a solid and ancient patrimonial collection that I try to maintain at 1500 available pieces, all of which reflect my personal taste and eye. It is for this reason rare to find a selection of such quality.

My standards of selection are rigorous and uncompromising, a fact which is apparent throughout the collection.
One must be well read, travel around the world and confront vast amounts of study in order to practice archeology in a professional manner. This profession is difficult: it is encyclopedic, literary, and requires scientific rigor. In order to work with talent, it is necessary to not forget to commingle both emotion and vibration.

One can no longer do this job serenely without being perfectly in order: you can imagine how the administrations around the world spoil us! We buy only from collectors and I do not travel to distant lands to acquire pieces. One must never attempt to derogate from regulations, as it would create only disappointment. Very beautiful objects have become unmarketable today due to their lack of pedigree. I have never had an incident with international customs, an exceptional fact that merits being mentioned.

Galerie Golconda operates like a museum. Each piece of art has its own dedicated file and identification number that corresponds to our police book: nothing can be bought under the cloak or stolen and this number features on both the certificate of the piece and invoice.

Upon entry into the collection, we begin the iconographic and museum research of the object. It is then tested and cleaned if necessary, in practice very rarely because I prefer to keep objects in their original crusts and cannot bear the idea of tinkering with antiquities.We do not hesitate to contact museum officials or research professors to compare our research and sometimes exhilarating findings. I love how my pieces live and travel as luminous witnesses of the cultures for which they are the ambassadors.

My method of working will ensure you acquire pieces of the finest quality. The eye, books, museums, certificates everything has importance. Fascinated by the history of men, my goal is to enrich and maintain this collection of no less than 1500 pieces of art. We are proud to offer a wide selection to the most astute collectors and decorators. Although each piece has an intrinsic beauty, it is the beauty of the whole collection that truly fascinates. Similarly to how the calibre of one’s home is elevated by the selection of its furnishings and decor, the collection has a value in itself, which is much more than the sum of each individual piece. Many of you know how accumulation is also the story of a life made of vibrant encounters between your soul and objects.