We cordially invite inquiries from collectors, architects, interior designers and institutional investors. Do not hesitate to contact us for clarification regarding our masterpieces, their state of preservation, origin or certification.


Galerie Golconda deals only with museum quality pieces of art, guaranteeing your purchase and investment. When technique allows, all necessary tests and controls are performed.


The firing of terracotta resets to zero the crystalline systems that have accumulated natural radioactivity. A micro-sample of the object is taken with a drill bit, and the powder is heated up to 500 degrees in order to measure with a computer the luminous intensity released by the irradiation of the mineral inclusions contained in the ceramic paste. feldspars, flint or quartz. These tests must be accompanied by a visual and stylistic analysis performed by a specialist.


This test was developed by D.W.F LIBBY (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1960), and enabled the dating of any organic sample of animal, plant or human origin such as coral, marine sediments, wood, leather, bone, ivory and horn, coal, paper or fabric; on the condition that they are between 500 and 70 000 years old. All plants use radioactive carbon for growth, therefore, any living being that has eaten those plants will, in turn, accumulate it as well. At the time of death, the stock of C14 ceases to accumulate and begins to disintegrate. Limitations to this type of testing are due to the non-linearity of disintegration that can occur due to atmospheric pollution, atomic bombs, and nuclear accidents. Finally, diet can also affect the amount of carbon ingested and thus distort the results. This test, therefore, has certain limitations.


This is a document published upon our request by the French Ministry of Culture; after they have verified that the object was acquired in accordance with the law, was not stolen and does not feature on the list of non-exportable national treasures. This allows for the export of the object worldwide.


Each object has its own certificate that specifies its dating and provenance. We certify with good faith the authenticity of each piece of art and the information contained in the certificate is verified at the date of the sale. In case of disagreement, the French text will prevail.

If an object has failed to meet your expectations, you have 8 calendar days from the date of receipt to return it. A full refund will be made once it is returned to Saint-Paul de Vence.


• We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
• Payments can be made by phone or direct wire transfer to our French bank account Société Générale.
• All payments must be made free of bank charges to the gallery and in euros
• Our prices do not include packing, shipping or insurance.
• An object remains the property of Galerie Golconda until full payment is made and must be paid in full before delivery.


PACKAGING: museum quality packaging, charged at cost. Price and delay available upon request.
DELIVERY: provided worldwide with DHL Express – or similar.


Customers are responsible for payment of duties and taxes internationally. The French State does not recognise a tax-free status for ancient objects.

Mandatory transport insurance of 1% which covers the value of the object in case of loss or theft. Please note that it does not cover damage unless the package arrives damaged by a fault of the transporter. You can choose your own insurance by providing a written removal of our liability.


In case of damage, contact the gallery within 24 hours. Be sure to NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.

Repack the piece carefully, if possible, in its original packaging, accompanied by all documents and papers for customs. Contact the gallery for assistance. According to usual practices, packaging, transport as well as loss and theft insurance are at the expense of the buyer.