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Silver box in the form of an hexagonal tower with three ribbed windows and a roof surmounted with a chalice and a flag. Hexagonal foot with mouldings. Decoration of bricks and engraved tiles cover the box. The box bears twice the inscription M.R as well as other marks that are not legible. Excellent state of preservation. Some small signs of use, small signs of bumps.
This box is a Judaic religious object. It belongs to those numerous nicely carved boxes where one would keep the spices used during the celebration of Shabbat and other festivities. The spices should be inhaled while pronouncing a particular blessing at the end of the day. Their fragrances helped alleviate the sadness of passing from festivities to everyday life. For Judaism during the Shabbat and festivities, God gives to humans extra anima to make them more happy. This “supplement” goes away in the following days. Besamim boxes (“the spices” in Hebraic language) can have many different forms. In the 18th century AD, the most common design was towers. The Song of Songs finished with the word “besamim”.