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Nº 1467



Type Object:

Funerary ritual, Arms and armor, Metalwork


Height: 43.5 cm (17.1")

Spearhead in bronze curved and slender with a central ridge. The spear is really well preserved. The guard is short and finishing by a hooked stem. Ancient bronzes from Luristan contain between 6 and 10 % of tin and need to reach 1000 degrees Celsius to reach the fusion point.
Luristan civilisation was located in the remote mountains of western Iran, stretching to the Mesopotamian plains in the North. It produced magnificent bronze objects with an evolved technique. Since 1960, archaeological studies have revealed two important cities, Surkh Dum and Baba Jan, as well as various funerary complexes that could be sanctuaries. Excavations in the region have now established a reliable chronological framework for the Bronze Age Civilization of Luristan, which lasted more that two thousand years from 2500 to 700 BC. Unfortunately, local climate conditions as well as current political problems do not permit serious advancement in research and we still unfortunately know little about the society and its organization.

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