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Nº 1588


Height: 18.5 cm (7.2") – Diam: 13.6 cm (5.3")

Deep cup in a light beige terracotta. The cup has an avoid and globular body with a foot that rests on a circular pedestal. This piece of fine and filtered clay was created using the colombin technique. Exceptional state of preservation.Bactria is an ancient region situated between the Hindu-Kush and Amu Daria mountains, which once joined Northern India, Sogdiana, Scythia to the east and Ircania to the west. The third millennium BC saw the development of a brilliant urban civilisation, that of the Bronze Age. Some regard it as the cradle of Persian civilisation and the religion of Zoroaster. Fine pottery was developed in this area, while the first agglomerations witnessed the early development of a sophisticated irrigation system. This marked the beginning of sedentary culture.

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