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Goddess in bronze standing in a hieratic position, straight, on a square base, the head covered with a cylindrical mokhot. Dressed in a sarong knotted around the waist, the sensuous breasts appearing nude. Double bands at hands and two heavy anklets just above the feet, long earrings, torque collar made of various lines. In one hand, she holds a bowl and in the other, a lotus flower as Vishnu attributes. Her conical headdress represents the bulb of a lotus. All the details evoke a timeless beauty. Excellent state of preservation, very good patina, no missing parts and no visible repair.
Uma is an infertile Brahmanic goddess, “daughter of the Himalayas”, second wife of Shiva (god of destruction and renewal). She is also called “the gracious” as opposed to Durga “the fighter”. She represents foresight, as she shows the path to Brahma and she is considered the visible aspect of Parvati. Mother of Ganesh, this goddess was very much loved by the Khmer artists from Angkor for her high rank in the Hindu hierarchy. The Bayon was the last state temple to be built at Angkor, and the only state temple of Angkor to be built primarily as a Mahayana Buddhist shrine dedicated to Buddha although a great number of minor and local deities were also included as representatives of the various districts and cities of the realm.