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Oxidised bronze mirror in the shape of a disk with a button handle surrounded by a seven branches star in its centre. The background of the mirror is divided into squares with floral motif and stylised animals in relief. The rim is decorated with twelve moulded buffalo heads surmounted by the heads of felines devouring them. A hook has been placed on the back.

Excellent green patina.

The Dian culture dates back to the Bronze Age. Its name comes from the Dianchi lake located in Yunnan (China), the kingdom having developed on its shore. This population used to work metals in a sophisticated manner, using the lost wax method. This type of buckle is specific of the Dian culture and was probably an essential belt element, or even possibly an ornament for coffin. Bovines are a recurrent motif in the Dian iconography, often shown fighting. The Dian tombs, discovered only in AD 1954, contained many items in bronze. This culture is thought to have disappeared in AD 110 following a devastating earthquake in the area.