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Excellent large bronze vase with light green patina and fairly uniform green colour. The motifs that adorn this piece are particularly well incised with a remarkable finesse. The vase is flared in shape, the shoulder is wide and covered and the neck is open and adorned with three nets in relief. It rests on a pedestal of good height that is decorated with repeated geometric motifs. The entire body is richly adorned with traditional patterns of geometric shapes ending with three magnificent Taotie. Each Taotie is topped with the head of a caprid in relief, typical of the archaic fashion. Excellent state of preservation. Exceptional collector’s piece. These vases and pots were used during funeral rites of noble families and dignitaries and enjoyed great esteem and attention following their creation. This vase is a perfect example based on the quality of its fascinating tracery. The decorative motifs represent battling dragons amidst clouds and symbols. Dragons symbolize the eastern world and embody the ideal transport for the dead to travel to the afterlife. Taotie are fantastical representations used as an ornament to drive away evil spirits that appear in the Zhou Dynasty. We still do not know if these creatures are a religious symbol, a clan symbol or simply a fantastic animal that links man to the spirit world. This beast evokes both mystery and beauty.

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