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Set of five glass bracelets, two of which have been repaired. One is moulded black with decorative streaks. Three have polychrome ribbons of orange, yellow and white, whereby long ribbons of multi-colored glass have been welded together. One bracelet is green and orange and inlaid with prophylactic (protective) mosaic eyes.These bracelets of diverse origin were crafted using various more or less specific and datable technical processes. The mosaic glass technique was invented during the 2nd millennium and remained in use in the East until the 2nd century AD. The ribbon glass technique was in use between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD. The moulded glass techniques originated from the core moulding technique invented in the 1st millennium, adapting the technique of cast iron to the lost wax used by bronze workers. This technique was greatly improved during the Hellenistic period.