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Statue of a whinnying horse in grey terracotta painted with an ivory white slip. Large neck stretched in a particular manner, short perked ears. Open mouth showing the teeth. Particular stance extremely dynamic and with a simple movement and rarely seen. Excellent state of preservation. Possible not visible ancient repairs.
Is there anything more modern than this neighing horse, which is presented in a simple ivory-coloured slip? The absence of a terrace makes this piece belong to the start of the period, and this increases its lightness. The entire body has been studied to reinforce the impression of strength given off by this horse. It stretches, its neck is large and long, surprising even it is shown in a movement that gives it a sort of hump. Its mouth reveals its teeth in a moment of extreme tension: it is whinnying with all its strength. Its legs are thin and slender, their nervousness created by the finishing of their delicate, deeply carved features. The mane is simple and strong. Black in colour, while the rest of the horse is pale, it is just a simple stripe in relief with a square finish. A striking realism, and the search for the essential make this statue a masterpiece.