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Nº 1464


Terracotta, Earthenware with pigment

Type Object:

Funerary ritual, Sculpture, Animals


Height: 40.2 cm (15.8")


Published in “Collecting Masterpieces” Part One, by Beryl Cavallini on pages 210 – 211

A horse made of moulded terracotta covered with a white slip then decorated with polychromatic orangey details. Standing with an attitude characteristic of the period, the animal looks solid on its legs although they are thin, the head leaning, the trapping superbly detailed and the saddle richly decorated with two fins as mudguard on the sides. To be noted: the beauty of the head decorated with a crest and a crupper bearing cabochons made of trimmings, a habit of that time. Probable ancient repairs due to age.
This walking horse affixed to its rectangular terrace has some interesting remnants of polychromy. It has some of the richest and most detailed trappings of any of the horses in our collection. This animal, with its high croup, has a large breast and neck, in accordance with the criteria of the Wei. The small head in relation to its size is wearing a crest. The thick mane is shown in long separate locks, sculpted in an original style, which give it a great elegance. The small raised ears, the long tail, and the richness of the saddle placed o ver the fenders, the crupper bearing cabochons made of trimmings, all compete to make this a statue worthy of the most refined aristocracy.

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