Jewelry and Parures
Exclusive Collection: Bijarcheo


Object :
Nº 1240
Medium :
Gold Bronze
Dimensions :
Weight of gold 18 karats: 34.9 g - Width of pendant: 3.8 cm (1.5’’) - Height of pendant: 5 cm (1.9’’)
Provenance :
ROME (275-215 BC)

Description :

The Bijarchéo Collection is an exclusive trademark of jewellery from Galerie Golconda. Each unique model is crafted using authentic archaeological pieces. Only the most valuable metals such as gold and silver are used so that each piece can be worked in accordance with the traditional methods and manners of ancient jewellery.

Very beautiful bronze coin, struck under the reign of the tyrant of Syracuse, Hieron II, set in a square, 18-karat gold pendant engraved with a sun design. On the obverse of the coin, crowned head of Hieron II on the left and on the reverse, prancing horseman holding a spear in his right hand. (with an inscription meaning Hieron). Hieron II is one of the most illustrious tyrants of Syracuse. A great scholar, he composed treatises on agronomy. His long rein is market by the Punic Wars pitting Rome against Carthage, with whom he allied himself during the first war. After their defeat in 264 BC, Syracuse paid a heavy tribute to Rome from 263 to 248 BC. Hieron thein supported Rome in the second Punic War which began in 218 BC. He will not see the outcome because he died in 215 BC, leaving the city(s throne to his grandson Hieronymus