Archaic and Imperial China
Song / Liao Dynasty (AD 960 -1280)


Object :
Nº 960
Medium :
Terracotta Ceramic
Dimensions :
Height: 27.5 cm (10.6")
Bibliography :
Published in the book « Collecting Masterpieces » Part one, by Beryl Cavallini, page 244 - 245

Description :

Green glazed terracotta jug that holds both the jug and the bottle. The opening is cup-shaped with a ribbed neck and no handle.

An old settled dynasty of former nomads, the history of the Liao is first and foremost associated with that of the Khitan people of Turco-Mongol origin. Their culture skilfully combines elements of Chinese art from the Tang dynasty with recollections of their nomadic traditions. This sort of vessel, resembling both an ewer and a carafe, is an invention unique to the Liao as it is a simplification of the Northern Song vessel, keeping the streamlined shoulder. It is the most commonly represented with a heavy monochrome shiny glaze, as seen here, and a lack of decoration. The cup-shaped mouth on a mallet-shaped body are among the most beautiful examples of this era. We have included this piece in our collections because of the purity of its form and its incredible modernity.