Jewelry and Parures
Exclusive Collection: Bijarcheo


Object :
Nº *257
Medium :
Stone Gold Silver
Dimensions :
Diam: 7.3 cm (2.8") - Weight of silver: 29.7 g - Weight of gold 18 carats: 44.3 g
Bibliography :
Published in "Collecting Masterpieces" Part One by Beryl Cavallini, page 222

Description :

The Bijarchéo Collection is an exclusive trademark of jewellery from Galerie Golconda. Each unique model is crafted using authentic archaeological pieces. Only the most valuable metals such as gold and silver are used so that each piece can be worked in accordance with the traditional methods and manners of ancient jewellery.    

Demetrius I Poliorcetes  also called of Macedon (which means the city taker) was born in circa 336 BC and died in 283 BC. Macedonian general from the Antigonides dynasty, he is first King of Asia (306-301 BC) and then King of Macedonia (294-288). His life is rather well known thanks to the Parallel Lives by Plutarch where he is compared to Marcus Antoninus. Great seducer with an enthusiastic and well known unstable character, he led a glamorous life, full of action and changes in fortune. He died while a prisoner.