Photo of gandhara-rare-head-of-a-man
Greco Buddhist Art
Gandhâra : Afganistan/ Pakistan (305 BC - AD 450)


Object :
Nº 1873
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 29 cm (11.4”) – Width: 19 cm (7.4”)

Description :

Head of a man with piercing eyes, wearing a flat turban that resembles the present day Pashtun headdress of Afghanistan. The face is sculpted in the round from a gray shale that originates from the valleys of Pakistan or Afghanistan. The occidental face has even features, large eyes and a well - hemmed mouth. The man has a beautiful curly beard and long Indian fashioned moustache. Excellent state of preservation. Small gaps and signs of erosion. Excellent craftsmanship.

Gandhãra is a region that extends from modern day Pakistan to southern Afghanistan. By extending his territory to the Indus Valley, Alexander the Great left a technical and stylistic tradition of Greek art in the service of Buddhist spirituality.