Photo of isis-lactans-egypt-xxvi-dynasty-galerie-golconda
Ancient Egypt


Object :
Nº 102
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 22.3 cm (8.7")
Bibliography :
Published in "Collecting Masterpieces" Part One by Beryl Cavallini, page 110 - 111

Description :

Excellent representation of the goddess Isis seated on a throne that has now disappeared, suckling Horus, who sits on her knees. She wears a headdress adorned with the royal cobra and two cow’s horns encircling a solar disk. The tripartite hairstyle leaves the ears visible, ornamented with the Nemes, a striped headcloth. The face is rather wide, with a thin nose and prominent cheekbones. The bare feet rests on a trapezoidal stand. She wears a long tunic. The naked Horus holds his arms by his sides and bears the sidelock of youth on the right side of his head. This representation of the goddess mother was the object of a very popular veneration since the Early Dynastic period.

Daughter of Nout, the sky, and Geb, the earth, Isis is the sister and faithful wife of Osiris, even after death. She embodies the devoted mother and protectress, as proven by the numerous representations of the goddess nursing Horus. Isis is also the magical goddess and protector of birth, seafarers, and the State. The Greeks and Romans integrated this great lady into their pantheons without difficulty and devoted a cult to her in every city. Isis nursing Horus also influenced the representations of the Virgin and Child in Christian iconography.