Archaic and Imperial China
Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 -1644)


Object :
Nº 797
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 50 cm (19.6″)

Description :

Sculpture in the round representing a Kwanin carved in a nice white marble with a very fine texture. She is luxuriously dressed and ornamented, standing and praying. The object has a nice patina, which attests to its ancient ageing. Perfect state of preservation.

Kawnin is the goddess of mercy and is usually represented standing on a base with a lotus as a decoration. The expression of the face and the movements create an harmonious effigy, conforming to the Buddhist ideal. The shoulders are covered by a shawl that falls to her feet. The hairstyle is delicately made and fixed in a bun encircled by a diadem. The elongated ear lobes allude to the heavy earrings worn by Indian princes, as well as the long necklace crossing at the abdomen. Kwanin, whose Indian name is “Avalokitesha” (which means a hero for the awakening), is a Bodhisattva very popular in China. She devoted her life to the happiness of all beings in an act of great heroism and this reflects her deep understanding of the unity of all that exists.