Archaic and Imperial China
Tang Dynasty (AD 618 ­- 906)


Object :
Nº 1629
Medium :
Dimensions :
Lady A - Height: 27.5 cm (10.82’’) - Lady B - Height: 25.5 cm (10.03’’)

Description :

Pair of statuette moulded in pinkish terra cotta and covered with a slip in orange tones. The two women have a modest pose, the hands joined and smiling, waiting to serve. They wear an elaborate chignon and the traditional, high-waisted dress with a wide ruff around the shoulders. Signs of erosion, some missing bits and scratches due to age. Possible repairs. Very fine condition.

The Tang Dynasty saw a golden age in China, when their people loved dancing, singing and entertaining themselves. They also loved the company of women, the fashions that they invented and their well-studied make-up. Tang women always wore very elaborated chignons and sometimes also quite eccentric shoes. The long dresses were the most often in flowing silk and that flattered their silhouette.