Ancient Near and Middle East

Private collection Switzerland - European collection UK formed in the 70s.


Object :
Nº 1664
Medium :
Dimensions :
Height: 20.5 cm (7.8")

Description :

Ritual vessel made of a smooth orange terracotta. The body composed of two conjoined spheres with a semi-circular handle at back, the vessel resting on two tubular fore-leg, with a long cylindrical neck terminating in a stag’s head with the pouring hole emerging from the end of the muzzle. The stag with punched circular eyes, the mouth of the vessel is rising with a short cylindrical neck from the back of the stag. Very fine condition. Possible some ancient repair

Iran-Persia. Rhytons were vessels exclusively dedicated to ceremonial libations. It seems their origin belongs to the prehistoric times of Eurasia, but from the 2nd Millenium onward it is the Greek and the populations of the Mediterranean area that created most of them. Those from Iran are among the most refined and particular.