Photo of revival-etruscan-style-archaeological-necklace-italy-galerie-golconda
Jewelry and Parures
Old collections and 19th cent.


Object :
Nº *157
Medium :
Stone Gold
Dimensions :
Length: 49 cm (19.2")

Description :

Stunning Renaissance- style necklace replicating antique style jewellery. Modern clasp changed by Galerie Golconda. The necklace bears various pendants, either six fleurs-de-lys, masks inherited from the images of the Greek theatre (representing an Etruscan fashion), or alternating acorns. Stones of different colors (marble, jasper, chalcedony, amber) are set in toothed ovals and fixed to a fine handmade chain. The entire piece is fixed on a large mesh that is also handmade.

Southern Italy - 19th century. At the end of the 19th century, it was in great fashion to wear Renaissance jewellery, inspired by excavations of archeology. Pompeii had just been discovered, and the new habit of making "Grand Tours" was accompanied by a renewed interest in Etruscan and Greek decorative motifs. From 1850, Fortunato Castellani, a learned man, became the pioneer of the "archeological style", of which the Roman aristocracy loved. This unsigned necklace is a perfect example