Archaic and Imperial China
Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)

EASTERN HAN - early 1st to early 3 rd cent.


Object :
Nº 692
Medium :
Terracotta Ceramic
Dimensions :
Height: 13 cm (5.1")

Description :

Small, ovoid and potbellied vase, the shoulder is marked by a stop and the neck is formed by a small and simple roll. Excellent state of preservation. Some superficial imperfections.

The Chinese were a very clever people who discovered a wide range of techniques to perfect the art of pottery. With this piece we witness one of their many inventions consisting in the discovery of green lead glaze, achieved by mixing feldpaths with copper oxide. To obtain this colour the artist would use a very well-designed oven with the capacity of reaching a temperature of 800 degrees, something which the West learned how to create much later.