Ancient Greece And Rome
Roman Empire (27 BC - AD 476)


Object :
Nº 458
Medium :
Dimensions :
Length: 17 cm (6.6") – Height: 10 cm (3.9")

Description :

Hand of fine grained white marble sculpted in the round. The hand is wrapped around a scroll of paper, as though it is the hand of a messenger. Showing only the thumb and a chubby index finger, it makes one think it belongs to a woman or child. The work, set on a base, is in a good state of preservation. Some scratches and little bits missing due to age.

In most civilizations, the hand has a particular significance, subject to certain codes, becoming both a symbol and a sign, a technical, spiritual, intellectual and artistic adventure. Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, just like the Church, showed hands that did not belong to a precise individual, hence their perfection, as in the piece presented here. In the Renaissance, the portrait of the individual took on more importance and then we would see hands of “flesh and blood” that reflect the specific characteristics of the individuals.